Signature Therapies

Willows Signature Massage

A personalized massage that targets the areas aching for attention. A combination of deep pressure as well as light, relaxing strokes leaves you with a renewed sense of well-being. Your treatment is enhanced by one of our Aromatherapy Oils.

Cream Based Massage

Experience the smoothness of Shea Butter and the flavors of Lemon and Orange Cream brushed against your skin. Enhance your spa experience with the finest massage creams available, customized for Rootz Wellness Spa.


Twin Massage

Have two of our therapists work on you at the same time. Experience complete relaxation when four hands work on you instead of 2. Applicable for any of the above-mentioned oil based massages.

Couple Massage

Share the same room during your service with that special someone; choose from any of the above therapies.

Steam Room

A great way to conclude your massage. Warms up the muscles to release any knots or toxins stored. It detoxifies, cleanses and relaxes. Recommended for guests who want to lose weight as well.