Chocolate Scrub

Recreate Your Skin With The Chocolate Body Scrub Massage

While your love for chocolate has been limited to the palate. Let your indulgence with your favourite chocolate reach the next level where your skin and soul get dipped in your dearest and treasured choice. Our chocolate scrubs are of many variants which indulges your senses and detoxifies your dermal layer. It is said that people suffering from depression are served chocolates to stabilize and it is great for mood swings. It helps in calming the skin and the mind.

With Our Magical Therapies At Our Best Spa In Bangalore.

We help you in bringing up your mood and intoxicating your senses with the joy of our wellness programs. Your body has been needing the much-needed break which you have been denying yourself for a long time. Chocolates Scrub keeps the skin soft and supple, as the anti-oxidants present in it stops the skin from any kind of radical damage. We use divine kinds of chocolate like chocolate sugars, chocolate brown sugars, Chocolate peppermint etc.


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